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Basic Information
Cassandra (Cassie) Friave-Goodlace


Fire Elemental


Fire Immunity, Auto Conflagrant, Extended Lifespan, Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation); Cassie inherited her father's ability to connect with networks and advanced computers, but rarely uses this gift.

Played By:
Rachel Nichols

[Original Character]
Cassie is a relatively short caucasian woman, standing at about 5'3". She has long, red hair and brown eyes, and tends to dress promiscuously, going heavy on the makeup. It's not that she needs it, just that she's a show off who loves to turn heads. When in public, she tends to put on smarmy airs, though she's much less licentious when left to her own devices.

While her human form is the one she most commonly uses, she is capable of moving about while completely ignited. In this form, Cassie might not burn up, herself, but she's liable to set fire to everything around her, given that her control of the element she was born to is currently fairly limited.

Though Cassie puts on a cocky, self-assured front to the world, she mostly just wants attention, whether that's positive or negative. To a certain extent, she is completely independent and capable of defending herself, but there is a petulance that comes of never really coming against adversity. She is the first-born child of a pair of extremely powerful or at least influential people, meaning that she has lived with little to fear from life right from the get-go. Cassie finds other humans to be annoying, at best, often playing with them if she's bored -- and this goes even for any who are in the least bit psionically, magically, or religiously empowered. Since she is so convinced that she's as immortal as her mother, but is as yet too young to realize what that means, she feels she has a right to treat relatively short-lived humans with all the flippancy she likes. Longer-lived creatures she treats more seriously, taking a curious bent to them, often badgering one when she stumbles across him or her until her curiosity is sated.

Cassie is a promiscuous young woman, which partially goes hand-in-hand with wanting attention. She'll call lovers on and off again depending on her mood at the moment, usually preferring to keep real intimacy out of her relationships because she finds dealing with emotional moments to be difficult. In terms of choices of partner, she tends to veer towards men simply due to familiarity, though she has dabbled with women once or twice in the past. Just because she disdains humans doesn't mean that she hasn't bedded a few, though she usually needs convincing to move beyond one-night-stands with their like.

In regards to her family, Cassie has a mild complex regarding her mother's subtle telltales; the older woman, being an age-old immortal currently playing at humanity, has given off cues that Cassie finds derogatory and patronizing. Thinking her father to be a gifted psionic human, she enjoys stringing the man along but doesn't find him quite so frustrating to deal with as her mother. Cassie has a single younger brother, Evan, who she helped to care for when their parents were too busy to dote on the boy. Because Evan is uncannily intelligent, Cassie tends to cede their very short conversations to him. Given that he doesn't think much of her indiscriminate relationships or behaviour, the two do not have much to bond over these days.

(To be filled out!)

(To be filled out!)


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